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Things I Learned from class

Things I learned from class are things I will be able to use in everyday life of my professional career. Right now, I am getting ready to go be a football Student Assistant at the University of Arizona and I am glad I got to take this class before I go out there. I Learned that marketing and getting your brand and team out there is how you win games. Because that is what helps get the big-time recruits in. But this class helped me in furthering and learning more about the things I should do as a major D-1 college football coach. My dream job is to be an Athletic Director for a power five conference D-1 school. So, this class also helps in that if I want to do it. I also learned about different ways I can promote my school in different forms. Like social media, ads, and hype up commercials.  Also I learned that Social Media is a huge part of recruiting athletes these days to come to your school and play.

Oregon Ducks Branding

The paper I did on the University of Oregon was basically just about how well Oregon gets their brand out across the country. They get their brand out better than any school in the country. Therefore, the top athletes in the country want to go there for their respected sport.

The last couple of years the football program has been down and not winning many games but with this new coach they just hired I think football will get back on track and they will be getting their brand out even more by winning games.

They are also good in other sports like track and field they usually win the NCAA championship. I think Oregon is the best at branding their school, Texas is also way up there with branding. Oregon is definitely the best sense they have full support of Nike behind them. Everybody is trying to be like Oregon these days.

D-II Social Media

Fairmont State football uses a lot of social media they are on twitter and Instagram. They have a twitter account just for football and for Instagram it is for all Fairmont State athletics. I noticed that their twitter account does not have any videos ore highlights really of the team. The one video I saw was one of their former players working out at his pro day at WVU. But they also never had any videos of their current players.

They also have a Facebook page for football. They also have their own website having quick links to other social media. On their website, they also have a quick link to YouTube which has their games and highlights on.

Things they could do to improve their social media is have little short hype videos on twitter. They could also give short video updates through spring on their practices.

Redskins Training Center

The Washington Redskins training center is open to the public in Virginia year-round. The Redskins also use it in late July and August for training camp. The facility includes year-round physical therapy and primary care for residents.

You can also train at their performance training center. They hold all kinds of events outside the facility and inside. They also hold events like the St. Jude walk, and Sportable tailgate. You can also buy a brick and all of the proceeds go into the events and things in the Bon Secours.

They have 2 practice fields for the Redskins when they have their summer training. it was built for the Redskins You can also rent out different rooms in the massive facility.

Sensory Branding

All the five senses a human has can be used against them in branding. Marketers trying to get their brand out there. Touch, smell, sight, hearing, taste.

If you can touch and feel an object someone is trying to brand you. Then you can tell if its real or not. Or if the marketers are lying to you by saying it’s made from the same material that they described to you.

A lot of people react to pleasant smells. Because if something smells dirty or bad they are not going to want it. People won’t even want to get close to the brand to see if the consumer wants it. Smells can also be sent around because you can do them scratch and smells. If it’s a food then, marketers usually try to have a unique smell for their brand.

Branding and seeing is everything. Usually your eye is what catches your attention first because if a brand is flashy or well-known then you know what it is as soon as you see it. And getting your brand out for everyone to see is making you more money.

Some brands try to have a song or a little jingle with their brand so when you hear that specific music every time you will know what it is.

Taste is good for branding food or drinks it would be hard to brand anything else for taste.

Wesleyan Football could use a lot of visual branding I see Glenville and Fairmont State stuff everywhere like billboards and different things. I guess football could also do stuff on the radio for hearing like announcing when games are coming up. But sight is the biggest exposure you could get for trying to get your brand out there of a sports team.


Milwaukee Bucks

This Milwaukee Bucks video with Mike Grahl the Vice president of digital platforms. The video had a lot of great information in it. Like one thing I learned from it was how they do autograph stands still but fans really like selfies with the players. So, now they do selfie stands with players because the millennials are all about social media.  Also, when a fan takes a selfie with a player the fan will post it on all their social media. Then a ton of people will see that selfie because people can keep sharing it on social media. Unlike an autograph where they just sign a piece of paper. Then no one else really sees it unless you take a picture of the autograph and post it on social media.

Another thing I took away from this video was the Milwaukee Bucks gained more ticket holders in between last season and this season and they didn’t have a great record last year. They gained more fans by social media and their websites and connecting with their fans on a more personal level. Like holding sweepstakes to go fish for a day with one of the players. The guy that one that sweepstakes is now a season ticket holder. So, the more you can engage with fans the more they are likely to buy tickets and see games no matter how many games you win or loose.

NFL Commercials

The NFL Ticket exchange commercial I believe is trying to target the older, male fan base I’m guessing ages 21-50. It is a big age range but that is what I think it is narrowed down to. The commercial is trying to sell more tickets by trying to make it a tradition to go to games every year.

They talk about one of the guys in the commercial dad and grandfather doing the tradition of going to games every year. They also make it with a group of guys coming back together like old times and going to the game together.

The next commercial by the NFL is Football is Family Home Sweet Home. It has Famous NFL players, and owners in the commercial with different family’s and people. I think this commercial is for all fans of the NFL because it talks about family. I think the NFL is also saying it brings people together because it had all kinds of different people in the commercial.

Also, I think it represents a safe environment even for young kids by saying football is family. The commercial also talks about people coming home and going to the game as a family.